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Kaduna State Government Announces Emergency Number

Kaduna State Government announces state emergency toll free number to help residents of Kaduna State in every security challenges ranging from armed robbery, kidnapping and any form of thuggery that could hinder peace.


The emergency number is 112 which promises to make swift response to every security breach in the state.


The announcement was made public on twitter yesterday.

“Kaduna State Government now has an emergency helpline for rapid response during emergency situations of armed robbery, kidnapping or thuggery (Sara Suka). The 3 digits emergency helpline is 112. Please RT widely as someone might just need this.”


Meanwhile, Lagos State also have two emergency numbers which are 112 and 767 and are very active and indeed rapid.

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So whenever you are in a dire situation in any of these states, these are the numbers to dial.


Remember, security is everybody’s business.

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