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NLC rejects NGF over Minimum wages, NGF is not recognized

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We don’t recognize you, NLC blasts NGF for reducing Minimum wages to 22k

Nigeria labor congress has yesterday blast Nigeria governor’s forum over the reduction of minimum wages from 30,000 to 22,500.

The fight between NLC, NGF and FG has be rolling around for a while now, which federal government wants minimum wages to be 25,000, and governors wants it to be 22,500 or nothing more, and NLC wants it to be either 30,000 or nothing.

Several meeting session has been held on this matter, but it kept hitting the rock has the three parties failed to agree at any point in time over what will be the minimum wages for the workers.

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In a meeting with the vice president of Nigeria Prof Yemi osinbajo  and some governors and top stakeholders has also hit a dead end.

Meanwhile, NLC has today insisted on going on strike on the 6th of November since Nigeria Governor’s forum refuse to agree on paying 30,000 as proposed NLC, NLC blasts NGF today that they are not recognized as a body in Nigeria constitution and their decision will not be recognized  by NLC and if care is not taking the minimum wages might rise to 59,000 naira .

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