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Army Carried Out Reprisal Attack on Villagers

Army Carried Out Reprisal Attack on Villagers

The information reaching us suggests that the military carried out what could be termed as a reprisal attack on Villagers.

According to the reknowned journalist, Ahmed Salkida, he said that the military burnt down a market, Kasuwan Gamma because boko haram also patronise the said market.

According to the source, Villagers are now living with their heart in their mouth, like sojourners between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Boko Haram Faction, ISWAP Ambushed Troops, Attacked Mainok, Maitile

Is the military carrying out reprisal attacks, last Friday, village traders in Kasuwan Gamma in Magumeri LGA claimed that soldiers burnt down a market with everything in it, because #BokoHaram also make use of the market, said a local vigilante. This shld be further investigated.

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According to the Vigilante, the villagers are distressed by the loss of their valuables, as it is their sole means of livelihood. Many villagers are, increasingly, avoiding coming between the military and BH, as they are invariably at the receiving end, said the Vigilante.

At a time like this, military/civilian relations should be at its best, not lowest, the military can’t afford to lose local support, at a time #ISWAP is reportedly supporting poor communities to win them over. The military must not lose the non combat aspect of this war.” Salkida summited.

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