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Doctor, Burna Boy Condemn Blac Chyna For Promoting Skin Bleaching in Lagos

Nur'deen Olaitan



Doctor, Burna Boy Condemn Blac Chyna For Promoting Skin Bleaching in Lagos

A UK based Nigerian Doctor, Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo and a Nigerian music superstar, Burna-Boy have both condemn Blac Chyna for promoting bleaching cream in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo


The reactions show an obvious dissatisfaction of the duo, like many other well meaning Nigerians, to the American model and entrepreneur’s plan to promote her bleaching product in Lagos. The product is said to be sold in retail at the rate of $250 a jar, a whopping equivalent sum of N90,000.

These are some of the thoughts of Dr Funmi, he said:

“As you await the launch of Blac Chyna bleaching products in Lagos this weekend, this is a simple reminder that you are about to buy a cream that will ruin your kidneys, destroy your natural skin, compromise your liver, make you vulnerable to skin cancer and slowly end your life.

“Blac Chyna knows bleaching creams are banned for use in countries like U.K. and USA. But Blac Chyna doesn’t care about you. They ban it in their countries. But make it and sell it to you. Because your life is totally worthless to them. Don’t be a fool. DO NOT BLEACH YOUR SKIN.”

He and many others were awed by the BBC report on the mentality of some African parents about skin bleaching.

“In Ghana, BBC reports some pregnant women take bleaching products in the hope they will give birth to light-skinned babies.

It’s almost unthinkable the severity of damage that has been done to our reasoning as Africans.” He lamented.

He continues by advising end users on what to look for in a cream intended to protect their skin from sun.

“I’m not bleaching. I’m just ‘toning’. If I don’t do it the sun will make me black”

Then, get a cream with UV Protection.

Bleaching Creams actively destroy melanin in your skin- same melanin that is the natural protection from the sun. Stop making excuses to ruin your life.” He added.

Likewise, Burna-Boy did not take it lightly with the American, he called her products poison and compare anyone going for it to someone considering suicide.

“Anybody who attends this rubbish might as well commit suicide…

You can come and shake booty sha, but leave that your poison in your house”

naija news today

naija news today

Finally, he encouraged black ladies that they are beautiful with the color of their skins.

naija news today

naija news today
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